Friday, September 27, 2013

Riga IV 9x14 Greenhouse - Everything You Need To Know

The Riga IV 9x14 Greenhouse is about has heavy duty as you can get in a consumer greenhouse. It comes with 8mm UV-coated translucent twin wall polycarbonate panels over main body and 10mm translucent twin wall polycarbonate panels on front and back for added strength. The strong aluminum frame and design helps it stand up to almost any condition.

Q) What's up with the shape?

A) Unique "onion" shape offers greater strength and resistance against wind and snow-buildup.

Q) Does it come with a base kit?

A) No, but it is available if needed.

Q)  What are the true dimensions?

A) 9'8"W x 14’L x 7'9"H; 135 square feet

Q) Is it expandable?

A) No, but several other sizes are available.

Q) Where are they built?

A) Germany.

Q) What is the warranty?

A) 15 year warranty on the frame and 10 years on the panels.

Q) Ease of assembly?

A) It will take 2 people a full day to assemble.

Q) Safe bet retailers?

A) They can always be purchased from Riga Greenhouses where you'll see other Exaco greenhouses. You can also safely purchase them at the below retailers. 

Epic Greenhouses - Riga Greenhouse
Sawtooth Outlet - Discount Riga Greenhouses
GardenSense - Riga Greenhouse Kits
Greenhouse Outlet -  Riga Greenhouses

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Brighton Hybrid 6x6 Greenhouse - Everything You Need To Know

One of the main purposes of a Greenhouse is to save money on produce. Why pay tons of money for GMO squash when you can organically grow your own at a fraction of the cost? Well, you can defeat that purpose when you spend several thousand on a Greenhouse.

For this reason, many manufacturers offer hobby grower or starter style greenhouses. The Brighton line fits in nicely here.

The Brighton Greenhouse comes in a various sizes from 6x4 to 6x14. They also come in either Green or Aluminum. Today we'll be talking about the 6x6 in green.

Q) What makes the Brighton stand out from other Greenhouses?

A) The Brighton is a hybrid greenhouse. Which means it's built with two types of panels. The side walls feature crystal clear panels, that let in 90% of the suns light during the morning, and the roof features protective Twin Wall polycarbonate panels, which protect your plants from harmful direct sunlight during mid-day.

Q) Is the Brighton Expandable?

A) No, so be sure the size you purchase is the size you'll be happy with down the road.

Q) What is the warranty?

A) 5 Year.

Q) Do I need to purchase a base kit?

A) All Brighton Greenhouses come with a base kit at no extra charge. 

Q) Where are they made?

A) Israel, they are manufactured by Palram.

Q) What are the true dimensions?

A) 6' 3/4" W x 6' 1/2" L x 6' 10 1/4" H

Q) Where can I buy one?

A) Pretty much anyone who sells greenhouses offers Brighton. To purchase online you can go to the Brighton Greenhouse website. 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Grandio Greenhouse - Everything you need to know

This year we're introduced to two new greenhouses from Grandio. The 8x8 and 8x12 green in color aluminum greenhouses. Grandio Greenhouses are built like professional units but sold at a hobby grower price. A good reason why they are a dominating force in the Gardening world.

Grandio comes standard with many features that other Greenhouses charge extra for. They also boast easy installation and durability. So far they are living up to that claim. Here are some common questions answered about the Grandio Greenhouse.

Q) What makes the Grandio Greenhouse stand out from others?

A)  As we mentioned above, the Grandio comes with standard features that generally are either extra charges or just not available on other greenhouses. First off, a base kit. Grandio comes standard with this. This sometimes can be a $150 to $400 extra cost. Grandio also comes with a support kit. No one wants to find out after they purchase a greenhouse that it can't hold up to the winter conditions, Grandio won't leave your Greenhouse flat after the first snow. Grandio comes with side and roof supports making your Greenhouse even stronger. Grandio also comes with standard rain gutters, roof windows and a powder coated green frame. Another exceptional point is that each part comes individually wrapped to prevent damage during shipping.

Grandio Greenhouse

Q) What about the Greenhouse Panels?

A) The Grandio comes with 6mm Twin-Wall Polycarbonate Panels – highest quality UV coated panels from German manufacturer. They are slightly opaque and give your plants enough shade not to burn but enough light to flourish. The panels lock in tight via the rain gutters keeping them safe from high winds.

Q) What is the warranty of the Grandio?

A) Grandio offers a lifetime warranty on the frame and 10 years on the panels.

Q) How easy is assembly?

A) Two people can assemble the greenhouse in 3-5 hours. All tools required come in the box as well.

Q) Where are they sold?

They are sold online in the US and Canada as well as brick and mortar stores here and there. Contact Grandio Greenhouse Official Site to find a retailer near you. For online retailers, safe websites are listed below.

Epic Greenhouses - Grandio Greenhouses
Canada Greenhouses - Grandio Greenhouse in Canada
Greenhouse Outlet - Grandio Greenhouse
Sawtooth Outlet - Grandio Aluminum Greenhouses
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Monday, September 9, 2013

Juliana 9x12 Premium Greenhouses - Everything you need to know

Looking at purchasing a Juliana Greenhouse? Big decision, are you educated? Don't worry, we are! We've done the research and can answer the most common questions asked when purchasing the greenhouse.

Q) What makes the Juliana 9 x 12 Greenhouse stand out from others?

A) First off, 10mm polycarbonate (double wall, unbreakable polycarbonate) panels. Consumer greenhouses generally come with 1mm to 5mm panels. 20 year warranty on the Aluminum Frame, 5 year warranty on polycarbonate panels showing confidence in construction. Includes 4 roof vents and a base kit. Often these are costly extras but Juliana includes these with your purchase.

Q) How difficult are they to assemble?

A) The easy answer to this is, they aren't easy. But good things come to those who wait (the long hours of assembly). This will take two people a good part of a day to assembly but the strength of the greenhouse makes it worth it.

Q) What are the true dimensions?

A) The Juliana 9.9 we're talking about is the 9x12. Though the true dimensions are 9' 1" W x 12' 2" L x 7' 10" H. Notice the peak height. Your back will thank you for this feature.

Q) Where are they built?

A) Juliana Greenhouses are designed and constructed by the Danish to withstand the extreme conditions that are the norm in Scandinavia with profile dimensions up to 50% stronger than most others.

Q) Where is the best place to purchase them?

A) There are several online retailers selling Juliana Greenhouses. So there are things you need to consider. First off, are they an Authorized Juliana Retailer, also you should look at their guarantees such as return policy, privacy policy, money back guarantees. Etc. When purchasing in the US, we deem these retailers safest.

Epic Greenhouses - Juliana Greenhouses
Juliana Greenhouse Kits
Greenhouse Outlet - Juliana Greenhouse